About me

Explore personal growth, career insights, and creative expression on my website. Join me on my journey of self-discovery and professional development.

Why a website

To learn a new skill. To reflect and express my thoughts. To collate my experiences. To connect people similar to me.

I think the biggest reason is that for a while I felt like my life, story and experiences have been so fragmented and I figured the why not control my own narrative and create my own space!

Who am I

For those who don't and do know me I am Simon. My identity is defined by a lot of titles - brother, son, boyfriend, awesome friend, legend, management consultant, lawyer, life coach, traveller, food critic (but not chef), (ex-)immortal ranked Valorant player, Taekwondo national gold medallist, Bravery Award recipient from Queen Elizabeth II... the list goes on.

I am the child of a proud single-mother (who also was an immigrant) who has had the odds stacked up against me but I have always embraced the challenge.

What to expect

I have a lot of personal stories and learnings to share... like the time I nearly got arrange-marriaged in India, or the time I got tickets to the F1 by befriending a carpark security guard or when I travelled to Morocco by boat and found myself in a very dark alleyway surrounded strange men asking payment for their "city tour"...

I also have many of professional learnings to share... Growing up as a child I really had no mentors or role models that I could model my career after. I stumbled onto my opportunities by being open to trying new things. My hope is that even if my thoughts can save the time/ steer the direction of even one reader... I would have achieved the intended ROI on this website.

What do I live by

My goal is to create a lasting legacy and impact. My motto is pressure makes diamonds.